AED ready to use

It’s critically important that your AED works properly. Careful maintenance can ensure its good operation. The European Defibrillator Certification Institute (EDCI) sets guidelines which the maintenance of an AED must follow. The institute collates test data and user experiences, and shares these with manufacturers, suppliers and users. On the ‘Guidelines’ page you will find the criteria which the maintenance of an AED must follow. Every second counts!

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Reporting an AED fault

If you experience any problems with an AED: report this to us! Your experiences help us to improve the maintenance of AEDs.

About us

The AED Institute

A hallmark so that everyone knows an AED has been tested and is ready for use – this is the objective of the European Defibrillator Certification Institute. The Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) plays an increasingly significant role in civilian assistance for people with cardiac arrest. The AED must work properly when it’s needed.

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